Business Operations

Management and Operations

If your business is already started, and you are needing guidance on the management, operations, or structure of the business, Deemer Law Group, PLLC may be able to help.  The management of the business covers a broad scope of topics that should also be discussed to determine where you want Deemer Law Group, PLLC to provide guidance and assistance.  Whether you need assistance maintaining your business or assistance to help your business grow, we are available to assist.

Creating A Plan

Deemer Law Group, PLLC will explore where your business is and where you would like to take it.  We will explore options of various needs and desires to help you achieve your goals.

Implementing A Plan

The final phase is to discuss expectations for the first year of the business, and determine what assistance you would like going forward.  Deemer Law Group, PLLC is able to help in a flexible capacity, helping with Employee Manuals, Performance Reviews, Employment Agreements, hosting board or ownership meetings, asset protection, and exit strategies, just to name a few things that may not be considered when people initially think of opening a business.

As in life, business never stays the same. Evaluating the business progress, your career progress, and retirement goals all can impact decisions of the future of a business.  Considerations about how to wind down the business or transfer the business interest through a sale or to family members also need to be addressed as circumstances change.

There now, there for life.

Let Deemer Law Group, PLLC help guide you through your next adventure.  We will be available to assist in good times, in challenging times, and be a sounding board of advice for any concerns that you may have.  We go beyond legal traditional legal services to help clients manage their unique situation – addressing their financial, social, personal and business lives.