Special Needs

Each individual and family is unique.  If you have a family member that is disabled, either physically or mentally, then a Special Needs trust or Supplemental Needs trust may be an appropriate solution.

A Special Needs trust or a Supplemental Needs trust is written so the disabled person (beneficiary) can enjoy the use of assets that are held in the trust for his or her benefit, without sacrificing essential needs-based government benefits.  The Special Needs trust also allows a trustee to hold and manage the assets for the benefit of the disabled person if they lack legal capacity to handle his or her own financial affairs.

The Special Needs trusts and Supplemental Needs trusts sometimes aid beneficiaries of qualifying for health care coverage under their state Medicaid programs and also may help in qualifying for cash payments from the Social Security Administration.

Working with Deemer Law Group, PLLC

Working with Deemer Law Group, PLLC starts with us learning about your current situation and what your needs are.  We believe in being Counselors At Law.  We do not simply advise you of the law, but the real-world impacts of your decisions and offer advice to best achieve your goals.

We discuss the various options with your individual situation and ensure that you understand your best options and why other options may not be best for your unique situation.

Implementation of the Plan

The next phase is to implement the plans that you have chosen.  The plan we create will take into consideration everything we learned about you and your family and we will discuss options to communicate guidance to your specific situation.


The final phase is to discuss expectations for implementation. Ensuring that accounts and property are properly titled and we will assist in that process.  As in life, nothing ever stays the same.  When your situation changes, or the laws change, the plan that has been created should be evaluated and maintained to remain current.

There now, there for life.

Let Deemer Law Group, PLLC help you with your Special Needs or Supplemental Needs trust needs.  We will be available to assist in good times, in challenging times, and be a sounding board of advice for any concerns that you may have.  We go beyond legal traditional legal services to help clients manage their unique situation – addressing their financial, social, personal and business lives.