Private Client Services

Wealth Strategies and Asset Protection

The Private Client Services practice is dedicated to assisting high-net-worth individuals and families with the accumulation, management and transfer of personal and business assets. Each individual and family is unique. We help you by providing services which include management and succession planning for a closely-held business, tax planning, corporate finance and restructuring, estate planning and transfer of assets, estate administration, retirement planning, and fiduciary services.

J.P. Morgan once said “…I don’t know that
I want a lawyer to tell me what I cannot do.
I want a lawyer to tell me how to do what I
want to do.”

Working with Deemer Law Group, PLLC

Working with Deemer Law Group, PLLC starts with us learning about your current situation and where your vision is leading you.  Because business considerations are intertwined with personal tax and estate planning for owners of closely-held businesses, we explore a wide range of issues including succession planning, corporate compliance, corporate finance, restructuring, and ongoing management.

Your Needs Are Primary

We will learn about your business, personal, family, and charitable needs.  We believe in being Counselors At Law.  We do not simply advise you of the law, but the real-world impacts of your decisions and offer advice to best achieve your goals.

Creating a Plan

We discuss the various options with your individual situation and ensure that you understand your best options and why other options may not be best for your unique situation. We will discuss options that take into consideration your unique situation.

Working With Your Team

We are also able to work with your current Financial and Accounting professionals or we are able to help by introducing you to a few of our trusted advisors that may be able to assist in achieving your vision.

Implementing Your Plan

The next phase is to implement the plans.  The plan we create will take into consideration everything we learned about you and your family.  We will discuss the expectations for implementation.  As in life, nothing ever stays the same.  When your situation changes, or the laws change, the plan should be evaluated and maintained.

There now, there for life.