Elder Law

Elder Law is a broad field of law that encompasses nearly everything that older clients may have to deal with.  Some of the most common issues are:

  1. Life Planning

    1. Powers of Attorney
    2. Guardianship
    3. Disability, Long-Term Care, Medicaid
    4. Real Estate and Mortgage Assistance
      1. Selling or Buying
      2. Refinancing
      3. Reverse Mortgages
  2. End of Life Planning

    1. Estate Planning, Wills, and Estate Administration
    2. Medical Care Directives
  3. Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Fraud

Custom Approach

Each individual and family is unique.  Personal and family goals, typically starts with a vision of what you would like to see in the future and to ensure your loved ones are taken care of.  We help you plan to achieve those goals by addressing both the goals and concerns you may have and to ensure that you are prepared for a wide variety of possibilities in achieving your vision.

At Deemer Law Group, we primarily focus on the Estate Planning, Advanced Healthcare Directives, and Financial Power of Attorney areas of Elder Law for our clients.

Proactive Solutions

Ideally, Deemer Law Group works in a proactive approach to address potential issues before they occur, however we also are experienced in reactive approaches to address many issues that may have arisen and that had not been planned for.

Deemer Law Group strives to take care of all of our clients like we take care of our own family members.  We will talk to them, get to know what their goals are and what their concerns are.

There now, there for life.

Let Deemer Law Group help you with your Elder Law needs. We will be available to assist in good times, in challenging times, and be a sounding board of advice for any concerns that you may have. We go beyond legal traditional legal services to help clients manage their unique situation – addressing their financial, social, personal and business lives.