Business Planning

Business Formation

It is very easy to start a business, but not so easy to maintain the business.  Each business is as unique as an individual.  Business ideas and goals, typically starts with a vision of where you want to be in the future.  The vision could be to create business that generates profit, or a non-profit business to achieve a charitable endeavor that you have always dreamed about.

The vision could be to open a new small business or to expand and grow a current business, or even to selling or winding down a business.  We help you plan to achieve those goals by addressing both the risks and the rewards to ensure that you are prepared for a wide variety of possibilities in achieving your vision.

Working with Deemer Law Group, PLLC

Working with Deemer Law Group, PLLC starts with us learning about your current situation, what experiences brought you to your current situation, and where your vision is leading you.  We will learn about your business, personal and family needs.  We believe in being Counselors At Law.  We do not simply advise you of the law, but the real-world impacts of your decisions and offer advice to best achieve your goals while also exploring the other implications of the decisions you make.

We discuss the various options with your individual situation and ensure that you understand your best options and why other options may not be best for your unique situation.

Entity Selection

We will discuss what type of entity is best to for your business.  We will explain the differences between various corporations, company, partnerships and sole proprietorship options.  We will discuss which options are available, which are not, and why some options may not be available or may not be the best choice.

We will explain basic principles of a C-Corporation, S-Corporation, Limited Liability Company, General Partnership, Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership, and Sole Proprietorship where you understand that there are both benefits and drawbacks to each of your available options, and we will explore how they work with your individual situation to best achieve your goals.

We are also able to work with your current Financial and Accounting professionals or we are also able to provide you with referrals to our trusted advisors in order to assist you in achieving your vision.

Location Selection

We will discuss where you would like to establish your business.  For the vast majority of clients, establishing your business in the state you plan to operate and live will make the most sense, but we have the capability to establish the business in several states.


The next phase is to implement the plans.  The plans may include a for-profit business venture, a non-profit business venture, creating a subsidiary, or creating a holding company.  The plan may be choosing what type of entity you would like to form, which can range from Sole Proprietorship to a Partnership or Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a Corporation.  It may be evaluating tax choices between a C-Corporation or an S-Corporation.

Management and Operations

The management of the business covers a broad scope of topics that should also be discussed to determine where you want Deemer Law Group, PLLC to provide guidance and assistance.

There are plenty of questions about business operations to consider and Deemer Law Group, PLLC is available to guide you through the process.

Following Your Dream

Some questions to consider are:  Do you want to hire employees?  Do you need an Employee Manual drafted for you?  Do you want to work with independent contractors?  Do you need to lease or buy property for your business?  How will the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) affect my business?  How will my business plan affect other areas of my life?  What happens if…?

Future Expectations

The final phase is to discuss expectations for the first year of the business, and determine what assistance you would like going forward.  While opening a business is fairly easy, opening a business with the appropriate protections and maintaining a business can be a challenge.  Deemer Law Group, PLLC is able to help in a flexible capacity, helping with Employee Manuals, Performance Reviews, Employment Agreements, hosting board or ownership meetings, asset protection, and exit strategies, just to name a few things that may not be considered when people initially think of opening a business.

Change In Business

As in life, business never stays the same.  Evaluating the business progress, your career progress, and retirement goals all can impact decisions of the future of a business.  Considerations about how to wind down the business or transfer the business interest through a sale or to family members also need to be addressed as circumstances change.

There now, there for life.

Let Deemer Law Group, PLLC help you start your next adventure.  We will be available to assist in good times, in challenging times, and be a sounding board of advice for any concerns that you may have.  We go beyond legal traditional legal services to help clients manage their unique situation – addressing their financial, social, personal and business lives.